Thursday, 14 January 2016

"5 Steps To Survive The Party Season Without Gaining Weight"

We tend to think the winter holidays are when we gain the most weight when in fact it’s not just winter it’s summer too. Summer pool parties and BBQ’s can be a difficult time when it comes to working on losing weight. By following a few simple steps you’ll be able to beat the bulge you've worked so hard to get rid of.

Bring Your Own Dishes

Of course you’ll be bringing something along but bring a dish that follows the diet plan from your own nutrition program to lose weight, so that you have something you can enjoy and even your friends can enjoy too.  For example, I follow a low carb life style.  When I go to any kind of get together I take a meat and cheese platter for snacks along with some healthy veggies and then I take a low carb side dish to eat with the main dish.

Focus on Talking with Friends and Family

By focusing on the company you’ll be less likely to snack.  Also, keep your hands busy while you chat.  Keep a glass of water or your favorite low calorie alcoholic beverage in your hand while making nice conversations with your company.  Make sure to only sip your drink though from over indulging and adding those extra calories to your diet if you’re not drinking water alone.

Portion Control

It’s okay to enjoy a small amount of the great things that are at the party but if it’s something very high in calories just a taste will do you.  It’s hard to turn something away, believe me I know.  By telling yourself you completely can’t have it will only make you want it more.  By only taking a small portion it’s okay to enjoy yourself without having to worry too much about gaining back all that weight you've worked hard to lose. Another great way to keep from eating too much at the party is to use a smaller plate if possible.

Get Full On Veggies and Healthy Proteins

Most BBQ sauces contain a lot of sugar.  Many people probably don’t know this.  If you know it’s going to be BBQ chicken that is being made or some other type of BBQ, call the person who invited you to see if they would be okay with you bringing your own meat along.  This may be awkward but your friends and family will know that you’ve been trying to lose weight by either talking with you or seeing the progress.  Just nicely explain to them that you would like to bring your own marinated chicken breast and even offer to cook it yourself to not be any kind of trouble.  Furthermore, make sure to fill your plate with lots of healthy veggies.  Grilled non breaded veggies of course are going to be the healthiest.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

 As previously mentioned, there will more than likely be alcohol at a summer get together along with soda.  It’s hot out and you’re going to be thirsty.  It’s okay to have a small alcoholic drink but one or two is all you should consume.  Alcohol actually contains a lot of calories even if we think the clear liquors look like they won’t have that many.  If you opt to drink water during the party and you find that it’s too bland drinking iced water, add some fruits to it.  Lemon and or lime is great with water.  Or even bring some unsweetened iced tea with some lemons.  It’s a great drink for a hot summer day and it’s too bland.


 There are many ways to over come over eating at summer parties.  The main thing to focus on is having fun with conversations, games, or simply enjoying your surroundings.  If you feel you’ll be too tempted to snack on Mom’s awesome mac salad, have a healthy small meal before going to the party to keep from over eating or even eating the things you shouldn't be consuming.  By following these five steps, you’ll be able to survive the party season without gaining weight.

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