Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“A Better Way To Begin Your Affiliate Marketing Business”

When I started Affiliate Marketing, and I am sure a lot of affiliate marketing beginners too, make the biggest mistake by trying to send traffic straight on to their affiliate links that is created by ClickBank. This method of marketing is a sure method of failure, not only you would be wasting the traffic that you could use wisely but you will end up being banned from most sites and people will just treat it like spam. In order to be successful in affiliate marketing you will most definitely going to need to build a Squeeze Page.
A squeeze page is basically a webpage which is designed to give a brief description of the service about the product you’re going to promote with a form that request for the name and email of the visitor that is viewing the page. It essentially means you are going to give your visitor a special tip or a free report in exchange for their information. After the visitor has submitted their information you will take them to the page that gives them the free report or the valuable information that you promised in the initial squeeze page. Most successful marketers generally have their form for gathering visitor’s information at the homepage of their website, along with other general content, this will make the squeeze page SEO friendly and PPC friendly.
Another way of marketing your website is, with the help of a blog, and the best part is blogs are always search engine friendly because they are usually content rich. You can always get a free blog through many blog hosting tools such as wordpress.com or blogger.com. Most blog platforms are very easy to set up and gets you up and running within minutes. With a blog you can post articles relevant to the products that you’re going to promote and have links in the post that will take the visitors to your website or your affiliate site.
The benefits of having a blog is that you are advertising without having to do the difficult part of selling, the second advantage is that, by having an external link,  you will increase the ranking of your website for most search engines.

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