Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“ClickBank University Product Review”

You are reading this because you have heard about the recent coaching product launched by ClickBank called ClickBank University. I will therefore share my experiences with Clickbank University so you can judge for yourself if this is a coaching program worth investing in. In my opinion the people who will benefit the most will be Affiliate marketing beginners who are just going to start their online business and don’t have a clue of where and how to begin their journey.
I will cover all the aspects of the training that is provided by Clickbank University, but although there are a few coaching programs that are probably better than this one, but I still feel this is one of the better ones out there and the best part is its quite affordable. There are coaching programs that are very expensive and some of them are not even worth as much as this the one offered by clickbank university.
ClickBank is the largest online affiliate program which has the most members and is very credible with their affiliate payouts although some products by some vendors are still quite doubtful. They have been around for almost 16 years and have sold more than 300 million products and have made over $2.5 billion affiliate and vendor payouts.
The creators of the coaching program Justin Alan and Adam Horwitz were successful at affiliate marketing at very young age and then gone on to create their own products and have become successful entrepreneurs.
The two trainers, Justin Alan and Adam Horwitz, will teach you to create your own products utilizing your hobbies and your key strengths, and how to make money online with these products and other affiliate products. The training is generally geared around using Clickbank and its services but the same principles can be applied to other affiliate marketing networks.
The positives of Clickbank University Program
The training focuses on cultivating your strengths and hobbies and making them into a sellable product, I have seen and been through a few training programs like that before but the details and steps provided by this training is way better, believable and do-able. The training videos are of high quality and very good information and it makes online marketing look real and applicable for affiliate marketing beginners like me. The show how to sell a product, how to drive traffic and all the other details of the working of affiliate marketing in a step by step process.
There is a lot of information to be learned and if you follow the methods the show keeping the time to do the activities that is to be done you will definitely succeed in making a lot of money online. The trainers are quite active and do really invest a lot of time in the business and the methods that they teach you is something that they have tried and tested and have been successful. The have quite a good customer support and have communities that answer questions and in a way you can build your own mastermind group.
The negatives of ClickBank training
I thing they could have added a few more modules which they can go in depth with such as keyword research, SEO, Article marketing, How to do Press release etc.
What you can learn At Clickbank University
Orientation – This is just an introduction into the program with a few tips on how to create your product but unfortunately here is where the trial offer ends. They will encourage you to setup your Clickbank university profile. Here the two trainers go into depth about their story and how they started up.
Site – Builder – This is a feature which supposed help you set up your product, webpages such as your sales page, membership page etc. this feature is currently inactive but hopefully we can expect something good out of it.
Beginners Tab – These are training videos which show you how to create your product from scratch. This is the section where you will utilize your hobbies and passions to create your own product and upload it to Clickbank. This is an excellent tutorial for beginners and for experiences marketers too. This training is divided in to eight courses which you can do it once a week which will help you getting practice for setting up new products in the future.
Advanced Tab – This section helps you optimise your product and your business and go up a few levels. This training adds to the skills you have learned in the beginners section. Here they focus on stuff such as how to split test your pages, conduct webinars to boost your acquisitions, how to set up JV partners and finally how to reduce refunds on your products.
Affiliate Marketing – They teach you everything you have to know about affiliate marketing and how generate revenue by marketing other Clickbank products.
Community – Here you can interact with other members like you who are also creating a business like you. This is a good place for collected learning where you can learn as a community, create mastermind groups, make JV partners and swap each other’s ideas.
My Final words to close up this Clickbank University Review
In my opinion I think I have profited from Clickbank University, I have learned a lot and a lot of the information and ideas that I have practiced have worked out for me. I have been through and bouth other training courses that I have spent a lot of money but none have come to as real as this program which helps you to make real money. The work is slow, there are no magic pills. The tactics that have been recommended have been valuable to me although I think there could be additional features where they could go a lot more in depth with certain topics like SEO and PPC.
Lastly I would recommend if you have the cash to invest on some good training this would be the first program I would recommend.
This program comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason you will get all your money back “No Questions Asked”
If you’d like to enrol for ClickBank Coaching, just click the “Get Access Now” button to learn the secrets of making a full time online income and click the “Add to Cart” button to get some exciting bonuses today…. I wish you all the success in achieving you’re Online Business success.

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