Thursday, 14 January 2016

"Does Coffee Hinder Weight Loss...."

I've always loved my coffee and had a strange obsession for it, although I’m not sure why, but it could be that warm feeling of hot liquid down my throat and then into my stomach got me addicted to it. There were times I couldn't start my day without my favorite coffee, I just loved coffee. But it was one day a friend of mine, who knew that I had started to take my weight loss goals seriously, told me that coffee hinders weight loss. Well, after a lot of research and looking around, I decided to quit my addiction to coffee and I did work on myself a fair bit so as to not need it to get me moving in the mornings.

Now although some studies have shown that if you drink coffee in moderation, it could lead to weight loss and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes but more recent studies that were tested in the Journal of agriculture and Food Chemistry show that the chlorogenic acid that’s found in coffee would actually lead to weight gain and lowers the bodies resistance to insulin. Some of these studies do contradict each other and it’s quite difficult to decide which one holds more of the truth.

But as I kept looking at the potentially negative effects of coffee and other caffeine products, they far out weight the positives. Some research does say that caffeine is not a healthy foods to lose weight, could also lead your body through several reactions which will provoke you to eat more than needed. For example the irritability and stresses that are caused by the consumption of caffeine could cause craving and emotional eating and hence weight gain around the middle section of your body. Another way coffee can affect you is, the way you take it. Although coffee has very few calories, it’s the sugar, milk, cream and other sweeteners that you add into it would increase your calorie intake.
Caffeine is also known to cause stress in people and sometimes it can also go beyond that. The stresses related to caffeine can also affect how you feel about yourself and cause negative emotions that would lead you to emotional eating.

Whether you should incorporate caffeine in your diet is entirely your own choice, whatever you do decide please conduct a good research and ask a good professional on their advice. With all the paradox in the researches, conducted where some say there are positive benefits of coffee and some show the negative side to including coffee its best to consult a doctor and talk about removing caffeine from your diet especially if you feel you have started to become addicted to it, after all addiction to anything is a bad habit.

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