Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Email List Advertising – The Most Affective Online Marketing Tool”

The principles used in email marketing are quite old and was used before the internet was ever invented. Advertisers used to send direct mails to their customers to generate sales or their products and services. This was the most effective form of marketing that is used even today by many real estate agents and other industries. Using the email is just the digital form of the same old principle.
The problem with email marketing, unlike PPC, requires the marketer to do some work in order to generate leads and then build a relationship with their clients. One of the best known coaches or this type of marketing is Jay Abraham. Once you have an established email list, then your works is much easier to promote products.
There are many ways to generate an email list. You can create a squeeze page which has some type of a free offer to encourage the visitors to give you their email. You can generate traffic to that squeeze page with the help of PPC. Another way is to search directories and find people who want to find advertisers or look for people who have list in your niche and make a deal or promotion to sell your squeeze page to.  In order to find people who want to sell their lists, you will have to type “Ezine Directories” or “buy email lists” in to Google, and search or vendors with the same keywords that are in your niche.  This method requires a little bit of research so that you can find a vendor that has a list that is suitable for the niche that you are going to target. The main problem here is finding vendors that have high quality lists and have a high readership. If you decide to approach a vendor as a joint venture where you can offer the list owner a commission of the sales, this way you can maintain a better relationship with the vendor.
The success of your email marketing largely depends on your ability to write your emails. You need to plan about your topic so that it engages your reader. You can check for different newsletter styles in ezine directories, you might also find some useful topics related to your niche.
You should start by first writing a headline that will make the reader want to view the email. The contents of your email should show the benefits of your products and end it asking the reader to take action to buy your products.

Advertising to an email list is a trusted method to build relationships and credibility with your customers and a very necessary tool to be successful in an online business. This method o marketing is used by most of the successful internet gurus and helps in a better ROI over the long term.

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