Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“First Steps To Online Marketing As An Affiliate Marketing Beginner”

The first step to starting up as an affiliate marketing beginner is you need to have a website. Learning to build a very basic website is the first skill you will need to start making money online. As you keep practising your knowledge and skill will start to get better. Having your own website will help you promote products and it will be your first point of contact with your future prospects. In the beginning your progress may be slow but as you persist you will realize how much you have learnt over time.
As I began my affiliate marketing career, I didn’t know where to start and it was quite a while before I could make my first money online. I did put in long hours, spent a lot of money on things that did not work, bought domains without even knowing if the domain name was going to be valuable to my business and the affiliate products that I was going to promote. I did give up a few times but as I learned I decided to help others who wanted to start their career.
The first step is deciding and researching a Web host and Domain
The very first step to having a website is to have a reliable web-hosting service. For those who don’t know what a webhost is “A Webhosting service is a type of internet hosting provider which will help you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web”.  Most webhosting services charge you anywhere between $4 t0 about $15 per month depending on the type of additional functionality you choose. As you start your online business, you can always sign up for something that does not cost much and then later upgrade as the need arises.
I would recommend, if you’re new to internet marketing, you should choose a webhost that has tools that help you to build your website with least amount of coding effort. My suggestions are JustHost.com, Godaddy, Bluehost.com are some of the reasonably priced webhost which also has wordpress tools so that you can build your website quickly without much efforts. The customer service is quite friendly and will help you at the start up.
After you sign up to a webhost you will need to get a domain, you should choose a domain name that most suits the type of business that you are in or the type of products that you are going to promote. Most domain name would cost you around $15/ year.
You should now start to build your website
When I first started up, I used the wordpress build to build the pages of my website. WordPress is a easy to learn and use site building tools and it can be installed for free with most webhosting service providers. Although the free version has limited functionality, you can still build a decent looking website and you do get a few very good themes from which you can choose. If you want to build a very professional website you might have to upgrade to the paid version.
If you are good at html, you might want to download a free HTML tool called Komposer where in you can build your pages and the upload it into your FTP server.
As an affiliate marketer, it is always recommended to use wordpress as your site builder because website structure that you would create with wordpress themes is a lot more search engine friendly especially with Google for traffic generation.
 Choosing your affiliate program

The first thing you will need as an affiliate marketer is products to promote. The best and the biggest affiliate program is clickbank.com, registration and signing up is free. Clickbank has a whole lot of products in different niches. ClickBank also has a coaching program which is very affordable and it is a step by step guide on how to start a business or be an affiliate. For details on this coaching click ClickBank University.
Some other Affiliate programs are Commision Junction, BeFree etc.
The Secret to affiliate success is to be persistent

Even though you may take some time to start up and research on a good niche or a product the secret is to be persistent, create good valuable content that your prospective customer would find interesting enough so as to invest in you and buy your product. Some other tools that you may need will be – Google analytics, Keyword research tools such as Google adwords and Bing adwords.

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