Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Getting The Right Niche Is The Secret To Affiliate Success”

In this post you are about the learn one of the most important factor that will contribute to your success in making money online as an affiliate marketing beginner, and that is targeting the right niche. So in order to target the right niche you will first have to change your mindset as to what a niche is. The first mindset is that niches aren’t chosen and they are not what you want them to be. Now many people when they get into an affiliate business say “Well my niche is going to be….. people that have this particular problem”, well that’s a challenge right there because a niche is not something you choose or what you want it to be. Your niche is what your customers are going through.
Your niche is about the obstacles, challenges and so forth that your customers have, and the results and the outcome that you provide for them. Niches are something that is discovered and not something that is chosen.
The second mindset is that niches are always needs. So instead as thinking of your niche as your product or as your customer, think of the niche as the need that your customer has. The question you should ask yourself is “What is motivating my customers”, “what are the drivers”. You will want to know what their fears and frustrations are, what their wants and aspirations are, you will want to know them specifically. For example, if your product is on weight loss, you will want to know what your customers fears and specifically what it is that they want, in their words. If you understand exactly what they want, exactly who they are, and exactly how much they want to lose, where they want to lose it, why they want to lose it, you’re going to have a much higher probability of success. So niches are need and the objective here, when you’re launching a business and choosing a product and doing marketing is to identify an unmet need. It’s not to create a product and try to get people to buy it and copy what everyone else is doing, it’s not to find a market, it’s to find an unmet need inside a group of people that you can meet by selecting products and services that deliver the result that they want. When you take this mindset that a niche is a need it changes your thinking, it get you started getting outside of yourself.

When you take these mindsets you will get out there trying to meet your customers and figuring out what their challenges and frustrations are and find products that will help to solve their problems. This will lead you to asking them, imagining being them and to listening really carefully because they are not going to buy what you’re selling, they are going to buy the solution to their problem, they going to buy the outcome that they want, they are going to buy the relief from pain, they are going to buy the result they are looking for and it just so happens that you product or service meets that need. As you progress you will discover that the customer’s needs are different to what you think they are.

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