Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Here’s How to Start Advertising with Less Than $1,000 “

Advertising is a key factor to generating an online income, so get customers to buy your product or services you need to market it to them. There are many methods were in you can generate traffic to your website for free but they are time consuming and requires a lots of patience. But the good news is that you can advertise online with a small budget as less as a $1000 to get a profitable campaign. So once you do find a campaign that’s profitable you can use those profits to fund your other campaigns.
The best way to start your campaign is by PPC (Pay per Click). There are three main places that you can start your PPC campaign Google adwords, Bing Adwords and Facebook ads. The best part about PPC is that you can get targeted traffic to your website by choosing the right keywords that fit your niche.
Start with Bing Ads
Of all the three PPC platorms, Google adwords is the biggest and by far has the largest market share, it has in fact pioneer and popularised the concept of PPC. There are a lot o big and small businesses that have built their success on Google adwords. However I would never recommend you to start of with Google, because they are quite strict with their policies and its quite easy to get your account banned or life. It is always better to get professional help to setup and start your adwords campaign. In saying that the best platform or you to start your campaign as a beginner is Bing ADS. This is the best to learn from because you can even put up affiliate links (there are some policies that you have to be aware of, so please read before starting a campaign.)
Research for product or niche specific Keywords
When you first start up, you might find yourself being overwhelmed, but take your time to read through how to setup and other useful instructions from Bing tutorials. I could also advise you to watch some videos on Youtube which show you how to setup your account and start your campaign.
Next you would want to do some keywords research for the niche you are on, Bing has a keyword research tool, but I prefer to use Google adwords keyword research tool. The aim is to find unique keywords with longer tails, so as to be highly targeted for your niche.
Keep a very tight keyword budget
In your first campaigns keep very tight keyword budget so that you’re not out of money too quickly. In fact you should keep your budget below what’s normally recommended by Bing, and after a few trails and clicks you can slowly increase it. You would want to continuously track your keyword that performs very well.  You should aim to have campaigns that have keywords with a quality score of about 9 out of 10. If you’re selling your own product you should set-up Bing conversion tracking tool in order to track your conversion rate.
Keep testing your campaigns with new ideas

Usually success would come only after you have test at least four to five different methods or approaches. Sometimes you might end up losing a few hundred dollars for some campaigns that would not give you any results, but you have to keep trying different things. Sometimes you might want to research different type’s o keywords. You might also want to try out different types of ad copies. You should type in your product or niche in Google and see the different types of ad copies your competitors use for their campaigns. Some ads work well for a certain geographic area and some ads fare better with different demographics and age groups. You will have to tweak and fine tune your campaigns until you find a few that works and gives you good results.

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