Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“How Do I Get Traffic To My Website As An Affiliate Marketing Beginner”

After you have built your website, chosen a niche and you’ve decided on the products to promote as an affiliate or if you have created your own product, your next most important step is to send targeted traffic to your website. The only way you’re going to make money is when a prospective buyer clicks and decides to buy your product. So how do you get traffic? And what are the different methods of getting targeted traffic to your website.
When I started affiliate marketing, I tried a lot of different ways of sending traffic to my website, some of them worked, some of it was definitely just junk traffic. I realized in order to be successful and make money I had to get targeted traffic that was relevant to the products I was promoting in my website. After getting a fair amount of success I decided to list a few good ways of getting traffic that works and helps in building a successful affiliate business. Some of these methods will work for you some won’t, so it’s important that you use what works and discard what doesn’t work for you.
Some of the ways that worked for me, where, traffic through forums, PPC, SEO and social media marketing.
Traffic from forums
One of the best ways to promote the products on your website is joining forums which have prospects for your products. Once you join a forum you begin to understand the need and the frustration of your customers because they discuss it quite openly. Once you understand the pains and frustration of your customers you can then tailor your marketing strategy to suit your customer’s needs. You might even be able to find products that offer solution to your customer’s problems. If you intend to create products you can join in discussions with other members of the group to find out what their needs so that you can create products that offer a solution to their needs.
PPC offers the best form of targeted traffic. You can specifically create a campaign with keywords that are relevant to your niche or the products you’re going to promote in order to get highly targeted traffic to your website. The 3 most commonly used PPC platforms are Google adwords, Bing adwords and Facebook ads. The downside of PPC is however that you need some initial investment and you might have to invest a lot of money before you can find a campaign that will work for you and start to make money. With Google adwords you have to be very good with most Google rules otherwise you can get your account banned for life, secondly Google is not very friendly with affiliate creating ads. I would recommend Bing adwords if you are going to use PPC to promote affiliate products, you do have to follow Bing rules but they won’t ban your account for the mistakes you make.

There are two ways to get traffic through linking, one is the paid version and the other is the unpaid version. You can pay people to get a link on their website, Ezines article or newsletter; you can find these sellers on Fiverr.com or other freelance websites. This method could be costly and infective just because sometimes you can get a lot of scammers, hence you should do a little research into their website and check if their type of traffic is relevant to the products you’re promoting on your website.
The unpaid version involves a bit of hard work but is worth the effort. It involves you creating accounts in different article directories and writing articles that are original and relevant to the products you’re promoting and offer value to your prospective buyer. If your content adds value to your customer you will definitely get a lot of traffic and you will gain credibility with your customers.
 Search Engine Optimization

With Search Engine Optimization you’re trying to get your webpage get a higher rank with the search engines by following their guidelines. With this method too, getting good valuable content is essentially the key to SEO success. There are other factors that you have to take into consideration but I shall reserve that for a separate post altogether.

In conclusion, the key to making money online and having a good business is getting highly targeted traffic to your website. In order to succeed you need to be determined and persistent over a long period of time. If you would like to be coached in creating an online business from the best and affordable, I would recommend that you click ClickBank University.

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