Thursday, 14 January 2016

“How does cross training improve your exercise results and enhance your weight loss goals”

Re-search has shown that cross training enhances weight loss, improves the overall fitness of your body and also helps you to adhere to your daily exercise routines. Cross training also physically refreshes you and mentally challenges you and helps in breaking up the monotony of doing the same routine all the time. When you tend to do the same thing over and over again, there would be a tendency for you to quit or become bored with the routine.

For cross training pick two or more different types of good exercises to lose weight or routines in your exercise for weight loss program. For example you could spend one day just doing cardio another day doing yoga or another day some sort of physical exercise or you might decide to play a game of basketball or tennis Another benefit of cross training is that it helps in keeping your body balanced. Cross training is also a good way to develop a well-balanced fitness and weight loss program. By mixing your exercise routines you engage different muscle group , this does not only help your overall fitness but also helps prevent injuries and muscle tear that are common in single routine exercise formats.

Results are faster if you do cross training, than if you don’t. I’ll give you a very quick example, Mike Murphy wrote about this big research project that they finished and this is very simple, they had weight lifting and vipasana(meditation), for those of you who don’t know about the benefits of weight lifting, we’ll give you increasing information of what weight lifting does. In a six month period, you do, not much more than half an hour, for three times a week, it can turn back most physiological age markers up to 10 years. It’s astonishing what that can do, in that it can help you to rejuvenate just that component of your being. And you will have that much more rejuvenated energy and capacity, you’re going to be able to apply it, to whatever you do and make it much more efficient and more effective.

So back to the research, they just took people who were just doing vipasana meditation, and they were those who were doing vipasana(meditation) and weight lifting. They didn’t tell the teacher, which group was doing which, but they let the teacher’s judge, who made the most progress in vipasana (meditation) meditation. And you can guess what happened. Those who did vipasana and weight loss workout plan advanced through the vipasana stages of meditation faster than those who just did the meditation. So again you don’t have time not to cross train, it takes much, much too long to pick a path and grunt your way through it for a couple of decades. So although that’s nice too, what we are trying to suggest is that it’s more efficient and more effective to do some degree of this kind of cross training. It actually gets you there faster… the very least it’s not going to take you more time, and it’s extremely likely it’s going to short some of the time you’re going to do either of both.

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