Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“How often do you step on the scales during weight loss program?”

Some people who are undergoing their weight loss workout plan, are scales obsessed, and want to see instant results. I know a friend who stepped on the scales every morning to track her progressed but she never got too phased out unless there were huge shifts upwards that she couldn’t explain and was a mystery. Sometimes when it did happen, which was very rare, she knew exactly what happened.  But some others would prefer to step on the scales just once a week to track their progress so that minor shifts do not discourage them. So the real question is how of should you step on the scales, daily or weekly?
Some weight loss experts like Jillain Michaels recommend that people should way themselves just once a week.  Stepping on the scales should not be a scary even for you so making it a daily ritual will definitely end up making you discouraged. It’s a known myth that if you weigh yourself daily will help you track yourself better.  Instead of making your scales a daily torture instrument where you would end up associating it with stress and self-loathing, we should use it as a guide to tell us that we are heading in the right direction.
A research done by a few doctors, evaluated overweight and obese adults who were undergoing weight loss programs noted that people who weighed themselves around once a week fared way better that people who weighed themselves daily or at a lesser frequency. These people also prevented weight gain over long periods of time. By weighing yourself weekly you can recognize patterns in your body weight make adjustments and proceed according to the results.
Another research shows that our body weight fluctuate daily and also vary during different times of the day so it’s almost pointless try to weigh yourself every day and especially multiple times a day. This fluctuation can be because your intake of water might have been very high due to weather changes or if you haven’t gone to the bathroom as yet, hence these micro changes in your body will give you different results and you will end up getting discourage over nothing at all.
In order to truly track your progress and to use your scales more efficiently it’s would be a good idea to use your scales just once a week, ideally on the same time, same day of the week with almost the same clothing. This would give you a more accurate indication on how you are faring on your journey. On the other hand if you decide to never weigh yourself at all is not a good idea at all again because you can never track your progress and know whether the method your using is good or not.

So what about you? How often do you jump on the scales to check yourself, daily or weekly? If it’s daily I hope you plan to change it to weekly and not stress yourself. Finally if you would like to learn how to lose fat in your most stubborn parts of your body Please ClickThe Beta Switch System

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