Thursday, 14 January 2016

"How To Beat Your Biggest Weight Loss Hurdles"

Many of our weight loss hurdles are psychological rather than physical.  Beating the psychological hurdles will then help with any physical hurdles that may come your way.  Maybe you've done so well then the scale just stopped going down. This will happen but there are ways to over come giving up.  Nobody said weight loss would be easy, it isn't easy and there are days it just isn't “fun” anymore but by keeping in mind you have goals to achieve you’ll get back on track and stay there.

In the past you had developed poor habits.  It’s okay, we are only human. I've been there too.  Your daily habit after work may have been to make a quick, salt filled meal then spend the rest of the night in front of the television until it was time to go to bed. The next morning it was a quick sugar filled breakfast with lots of caffeine.  At this time of your weight loss you may be starting to think that life was awesome because it was so easy.  Now that you’re working on a weight loss program, form new healthy habits that some what mimic your old life.  Come home from work to spend time making healthy foods to lose weight, meals filled with protein and greens.  For desert have some fruit with a small amount of fat free ice cream.  Take some time in front of the television if you would like though while watching TV do some stretching or crunches and push ups during commercial breaks. Not too soon before bed though.  You need time to relax your body before bed.  The next morning, rather than drinking a bunch of coffee for energy, wake up an hour early to get some cardio in.  Cardio will help give you the energy boost you need for the day.  Have a quick meal with fruits and yogurt with a sprinkle of peanuts in your yogurt.

You may be a person who suffers from depression, stress, or other emotional psychological disorders.  We tend to eat for comfort when we've had a bad day.  The bad day could be because of work or all because we’ve put some much hard work into losing weight and the scale hasn’t moved in a week or two.  It’s okay, this is going to happen.  Rather than turning to food, channel that into something else.  Exercising is a great way to relieve your body of stress and even sleep issues.  Maybe you already get enough exercise.  In this case, find a hobby that can keep your hands and mind focused.  Rather than worrying about wanting to eat to push the stress down or worrying about the stressor in your life, the hobby will keep you busy.

Furthermore, you may have set some unrealistic goals for weight loss which is maybe making you think you want to give up.  Sit down and write down new goals.  Let’s say you need to lose a large amount of weight and after a month you’ve only lost five pounds.  It’s understandable why you may be frustrated at this point.  You may feel like your goal is so far from reach that you might as well give up now.  No. Giving up now will get you no where but an early grave. Make a list of small goals.  X amount of weight needs to be lost in X amount of days or months.  Let’s say ten pounds in two months.  This may not seem like a lot but look at it this way.  If you end up losing fifteen pounds in two months you’re going to be super excited!  If you end up not losing the ten pounds you wanted, it’s okay.  Just make a goal for the next month and keep working hard at it.

Weight loss hurdles can be hard to deal with when we have so many goals we want to achieve but as can be seen, there are ways to beat your biggest weight loss hurdles.  Keep in mind that setting realistic goals is the best way to keep from facing hurdles. Form new healthy habits that will last you a life time and keep you healthy rather than falling back into the old habits you were so used to.

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