Thursday, 14 January 2016

“How to create habits to have a positive, healthy and successful lifestyle and achieving to achieving your Fat Loss success…”

The Arts, Science and psychology of creating new habits that creates a life if abundance.

If you learn and use what I am about to teach you, you will create good habits that will help you to lose weight. If you don’t learn what I am about to teach you, you will not lose weight and in fact you will probably gain more weight.
Create a habit by doing the same things, the same time every day for a month. This gives you an insight that you need to change your life, it’s very powerful, it actually a very profound insight that I learned from a mentor of mine.
So let’s make it so you automatically do the important things you need to do every day so you improve your health, have the type of body you’ve always dreamed of, improve your energy, connect with more influential people, increase your income automatically and set up your life so that you don’t get distracted by unimportant stuff which keeps you from growing in all these important areas of your life.
The best way you make sure you do the important things every day is to create a habit, to make it habitual so that you don’t have to think about it. You want to just wake up every day and start doing those important things. Now as it already turns out we are already doing the same things at the same time every day anyway. We are already creatures of habit. The trick here is to figure out how to do the things you want to do, instead of what you do that you just picked up along the way and now you can’t stop yourself from doing. It takes 30 days to create a new habit. This means in order to change one you actually have to focus on it every day for 30 days. After 30 days it’s all set up and you just wake up and just do it automatically.

So how do you create a new habit to lose weight?

So here is the action plan…. The steps to creating a new habit and to getting yourself to do the important things everyday so you can increase your health, attract influential people, and help you lose weight.
Step one - Choose a new habit you’d like to create
Step two – Set a time every day, ideally, first thing in your day to do it
Step three – Don’t check email or voice mail before you do your new habit every day
Step four – Do your routine every day for 30days in a row and it will be set for the long term
Now it’s time to act so you get this into place in your life, so you start doing what it takes to et the energy increase you want, attract influential people you want to attract and achieve the income you want to achieve. So take out a blank page in your journal right now and write down the new habit you would like to create in specific detail. If you’re going to start exercising every day, write down how you’re going to get ready, what you’re going to wear, where you’re going to exercise, what the routine is going to be. Then mentally visualize yourself doing your new habit, your new exercise routine, 3 times in your mind. Imagine it in your mind clearly until you can see the entire thing and you see what you have to put in place to get yourself to do it.
Next put into your calendar for the next 30 days, put a note in your computer, in your phone so as to remind you to go and do your exercise first.

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