Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“How to know if you are burning fat?”

People who have been using body fat scales to measure their body fat have reported wildly varying results when they use it and hence it can be said it’s not a reliably accurate source to track your body fat in order to know if your weight loss efforts are working. There is no accurate method to know if the weight that you’re losing is actually fats or muscles. There are instruments like skin fold callipers that are available but they too have their limitations.
Before you know how to measure it, in simple definitions, body fat is the amount of fats accumulated in your body that is not muscle or any other organs. Males and females have different quantities of body fat due to their body structure. A male who is quite athletic and healthy would have about 10% of body fat where as a female who is athletic and healthy would have around 18-20 % body fat. What’s unknown to most people is that body fat is essential and provides and protects your organs so on the flip side anything less than the required amount will result in failure of your organs.
Some of the methods you can use to measure your body fat can include by monitoring it yourself at home with a measuring tape, scales and even having certain clothing to track your progress. You can take a set of pictures of yourself and try to determine how much of body fat you have lost over the period of time that you have attempted to lose it.
You can buy a pair of fat callipers for around $5 to check your body fat. You will have to pull the fat away from the muscle and measure it with the callipers and track your readings in a chart that you can make or an excel sheet. It’s better to have different test places on your body to get better results. A lot of people have reported quite accurate results with this method.
Body fat scales and monitors can also be used to measure your body fat but people have reported this to be unreliable because this depends on the amount of water that is carried in your body. Others have tried measuring their fat by using Bod Pod and have found it to be quite accurate but this method is pretty expensive and you can be charged anywhere up to $75. For more information on Bod Pod Please click http://www.cosmed.com/
One of the most accurate but very expensive methods is called Dexa scanning which take a full and complete x-ray of the composition of your body and gives you an accurate detailed reading. This is usually done in a health clinic and would cost you around $100 to $150.
There are other websites which can calculate your body fat with getting some basic information about your age, weight etc which you can use by clickinghttp://www.healthcentral.com

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