Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Navigating Barriers On The Weight Loss Road”

By this you might have realized that losing weight is not a magic pill but it’s quite a long journey and sometimes quite a painful one. Quite often we come across hurdles that are psychological or sometimes just situational. Even if you have traveled the weight loss road quite successfully sometimes there would always be the occasional bend where you will have to navigate safely. So it’s quite important to reflect on, what are your bends on the weight loss road, hurdles you find quite difficult to deal with along the way, and how you have managed to overcome them.

I have managed to list out a few bends or unavoidable hurdles that can derail your weight loss workout plan efforts.

Dining out – Even though you have decided to stop dining out in order to lose weight some time we do find ourselves in a social situation with friends or at work where we have to dine out. Sometimes you might have to do it quite often because you’re attending a work function and you are forced to derail your weight loss program. So how do you deal with those types of occasions? Best way is to plan ahead what you’re going to eat, practice portion control make wise meal choices like foods that are steamed, grilled or baked and stick to salads. If you do manage to slip up and go off the path don’t forget to get right back on track. These type of occasions to happen, after all it’s a part of being human.

Get De-Motivated – Australia Top weight loss guru, Michelle Bridges, say that the biggest hurdle for more than half the people was lack of motivation. She also said that while setting goals to achieve is quite useful but the difficult part was finding the motivation to going through the weight loss training. According to her, jumping back on the scales and getting yourself back to reality was one of the turning points that get people back on the fitness program. You have to find out ways to make your exercise more enjoyable, maybe having your favorite music might help or finding a good weight loss buddy so that you can motivate each other.

Reaching a Plateau – In every weight loss program you will go through a plateau where in you will not lose any more weight and the scales will refuse to budge. This is the time when you can be demotivated and people will often tend to slack their efforts thinking that they have reached their peak. The key here is to be aware that you will reach a plateau and mentally prepare yourself for one and keep going one no matter what.

Time – Time could also be one of the factors that could derail your weight loss efforts. So many of us are so busy with the grinds of daily life that it becomes difficult for us to find the time to exercise or go for a jog. Some celebrity trainers recommend that working out first thing in the morning is a better option and most people that do it in the morning are most likely to stick to their routine because there is less time to make excuses. For the diet part, always stock your fridge with healthy meals just in case you find yourself in a hurry or have to grab a meal on the go.

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