Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Reward Yourself After Every Weight Loss Milestone….”

The amount of weight that you want to lose should be just one of your goals. There are many other different thing you also might want to consider to achieve on your weight loss journey that are not reflected on your scales. Try to consider your ideal target weight as just one component of what you are trying to achieve, while it is important to keep that in mind you should also want to consider other mini goals that you might want to achieve. Some may include Climbing a flight of stairs without loss of breath, being able to run or walk for extended period of time, having clothes on that were once too small or big, having normal blood pressure, working out five days a week, sleep apnea no longer a problem, learning portion control, no longer eating out of boredom, removing junk food from your diet, trying a new sport or exercise, shopping at any clothing store, having others notice your weight loss. Your goals may be a little more personal to you or perhaps there is a favourite hill you want to conquer on your evening walks. So it’s important that you take time about where you want to see improvements in your health and what you are able to accomplish physically and incorporate these things in your goal.
Don’t forget to reward yourself when you accomplish some of these mini goals or tasks, so find out what motivates you. Some people reward themselves with food, celebrating major and minor accomplishments and milestones with going to a restaurant or having a special dinner with family or friends. Finding ways to reward you after meeting a goal, or accomplishing a task is important to anyone who wants to lose weight over the long term. The challenge is to separate food from celebrating. Instead of going to dinner to celebrate the accomplishment of a goal, would you feel rewarded if you went for a massage instead? Or maybe a night out while the kids are with a babysitter.
It is helpful to make a list of the things that truly motivate you to work harder and stick to your goals or just to make you feel good. You can then pair short term goals and long term goals with different rewards. If you went to the gym regularly, stick to your weight loss work out plan and stick to your weight loss diet for a week, you could reward yourself with a relaxing bubble bath with your favourite bath products. If you love a weekend in a bed and breakfast and think it’s an expensive treat, you can use it treat yourself for a accomplishment of a major milestone. You can plan an overseas trip to your favourite destination as a reward for reaching your target weight.
Your rewards need not be expensive to be effective, but they need to be appropriate for your needs. Not everyone is motivated by the same things in life, so take the time and plan out a reward system for yourself which does not include binge eating. If you struggle with a particular part in your weight loss program, such as not getting enough exercise or taking enough fluids, these would be excellent accomplishments to acknowledge with your reward system. If you hate to work out regularly then a full 5 day workout week should be acknowledged with a suitable reward.

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