Thursday, 14 January 2016

"Set A Weight Loss Goal This Summer"

Spring is only a week away, is your body ready for the beach?  Chances are you are doing what I did, waited until the last minute to realize summer is right around the corner.  It’s time to set your weight loss goals for summer.  When you’re setting your weight loss goals for summer, make a list and follow through with it. Some things you would need to plan are; a good nutrition programme to lose weight, good gym workouts for weight loss. Figure out what your long term and short term goals are then at the end of hitting your long term goal, reward yourself.

Long Term Goal

 Your long term goal is something you don’t want to look at again for awhile, for now just write down what your long term goal is.  After you determine and write down your long term goal, write down a list on how you’re going to achieve this goal and any possible challenges you may face.  Plan ahead with those challenges.  You know you more than anybody else.  Try to determine the best ways to over come these challenges to keep focusing on the long term goal you’ve set for yourself.

Short Term Goal

 The short term goals that you set for yourself is what you want to focus on right now.  Start off by setting two week goals.  Don’t set a huge goal though.  Please don’t think you’ll lose 10 pounds within two weeks, it just isn’t realistic.  This isn’t saying you won’t lose 10 pounds in two weeks but by setting a lower goal you’ll be less likely to get your hopes up.  Start off by saying you’ll lose 5 pounds in two weeks so that if you do lose that 10 pounds after all, it will be an exciting surprise that will keep you motivated to keep going.
When setting these short term goals, don’t set them all at once.  Set new ones after each hitting the latest goal.  This will keep you focused on what’s in front of you right now rather than the goals that are a little further to reach. With each short term goal you reach, you’ll be closer to the long term goal then after that it’s just staying on track for life.

Reward Yourself

 Whatever you do, don’t reward yourself with food.  Too many times over people who diet will reward themselves with the foods they loved that caused them to be over weight in the first place.  First, reward your short term goals with small gifts to yourself.  This could be a new book, a new blouse or even new shoes.  When it comes to your longer term goal reward, you should set this when you set your long term goal.  This will give you something to look forward to.  Make it something big. Of course, though, make sure it’s within your budget.  If you’re able to go on a cruise, this would be a great long term goal reward to yourself.  This way you’re able to show off your new hot body while enjoying yourself.  Or maybe it’s going to the beach or even setting off to ride some roller coasters.  Whatever it may be, make it enjoyable.  Keep in mind though, while you’re away on your reward trip if you choose to go this route, to stick to your diet plan.  Don’t let your trip set you back when you get home to having to lose the weight you gained while away.


 By setting up goals for yourself to get ready for summer you’ll able to spend more time enjoying summer rather than worrying about losing weight during the summer.  You want to be comfortable with your body wearing shorts, tank tops and of course a bathing suite.  Just keep in mind to set realistic goals for your summer weight loss plan.  You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and possibly give up.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get started with this goal, get started today because before you know it summer will be knocking at our doors.

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