Thursday, 14 January 2016

"So What's Your Favorite Weight Loss Music….."

Undergoing a weight loss workout plan can start to become boring after you've began to do it for some time so I’ve decided to lighten up things by tuning into my favorite music playlist and I’ve named it my favorite weight loss music. Well, there was this one time when I went to gym for my workouts, I forgot my iPod and it was hell without it, it was then that I realized how much I needed my music to get me motivated to carry on. I have several playlist which I play for every session I go to, I work out 5 days a week, but it also depends on the type of workout I have planned for the day

During my weight training days it’s the punk music that I love, the cardio days it’s the type of music that makes me happy and feel good which is usually a bit of indie pop or some type of trance, I call this the happy-happy-joy-joy music,   and some songs by Katie Perry …., Warm up sessions before my Personal Training sessions would be some type of jumpy music which will try to get me motivated for the hard session ahead of me and my cool down music is usually some type of instrumental or Robert Miles.

Most research I’ve read suggest that music can really lift your workout session and especially your own favourite play list can do wonders in helping you cheer up during your workout session. Most gyms do have their own playlist but if you have your own personal favorite that you would like to listen to, then getting your own iPod would be a very good idea.
The connection between exercise and music goes all the way back too 300 BC or even earlier than that, it goes all the way back to the rowers of the Roman Galleys where there is a person beating on the drums which drives the basic rhythm of the rowing. The music was bought the co-ordination of the rowers to row together and it was what bought people to naturally follow a tempo. It is something in a our brains which makes music and exercise go together according to Carl Foster Ph.D, University of Wisconsin. Foster describes this phenomenon as entrainment or synchronization where in you get into the beat of the music during your workout session.

Music not only makes your gym workouts for weight loss session more enjoyable but also has its effect on your physical performance. Another researcher describes music as lethal drugs for athletes as it can reduce the efforts perceived by the athlete and increases their endurance by about 15%.

There are some people who like to listen to audio books or podcast when they workout but most people prefer bumping beats or stirring lyrics to motivate themselves while exercising.  So what is your favourite work out music, have you got a few playlists? Or maybe it’s time to find yourself one to motivate you to keep on track with you weight loss program…

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