Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Some Common Mistakes Most Affiliate Marketing Beginners Make Which You Would Like To Avoid..”

As you grow your Affiliate Business you will discover some key points that helps you be successful in generating a full time income. Some of them are listed below.
Almost all entrepreneurs who have been successful in building an online business start their career with Affiliate Marketing because you don’t have to create a product. All you have to do is to create a good customer list and start selling with your affiliate links leading the prospect to the vendor’s product. Although on the outside it looks very easy and you might feel you can make a lot of money, the truth is, you have to work quiet hard and efficiently in the beginning so as to set yourself up for long term success. I am just going to list out some important things you should look for before promoting an affiliate product whether you use ClickBank or any other affiliate program.
Promote a product in a niche you are passionate about to get better results.

Promoting a product is almost like selling the product to a customer face – to – face. If you’re not passionate about the product you would not be able to write content good enough so as to convince a prospect to buy the product through your affiliate link. Even if you are going to get the content written by a professional writer, you still have to choose the topic based on the fears and frustration of the customer.
Choose a product that has credibility and has some positive reviews by customers

When you choose a product from ClickBank, make sure that you research the product to check if there are negative reviews about the product. The product and the vendor should have some credibility and if possible buy the product to see and assess it yourself, check the vendor’s attitude and behaviour by contacting them about the product. This helps in evaluating the vendors after sales behaviour because if they don’t reply to their customers, you can imagine what their behaviour would be like to an online business associate.
Check the sales page of the ClickBank product you are going to promote.

To be successful in having an online business, the sales page plays an important role in converting your traffic into sales. As an Affiliate Marketer you will only get paid if the prospect you send through your affiliate hop-link will buy the product. A strong sales page will have a higher conversion rate. There are a few ways to test if the sales page is worth the time and effort promoting. One is to learn copywriting yourself and learn how to write sales copy that work. The second way to find out if the sales page can generate sales conversion is to test it out by sending targeted PPC traffic for a limited amount of time.
Some general checks for choosing a good affiliate product to promote

The vendor’s sales page should not have opt-in or free trials or “contact vendor here”. These are sure ways where as an affiliate you would lose revenue to the vendor even though you have sent the traffic to the vendor’s site. Make sure there are no unnecessary pop ups or discounts on the sales page, this anyway is a problem if you plan on using PPC as a method to send traffic to the sales page. Also try to make sure there is deceptive tactics or dishonest claims or ridiculous income generating claims on the sales page as these will surely generate refunds and you will lose your credibility with you customers especially if you have built a list.
Another important part of being successful at Affiliate Marketing is you should create a a system in Microsoft excel or any other software that you’re comfortable with to monitor your sales, the numbers of prospects you have sent to the vendors sales page, the conversion rate, the payment history and refunds. If a certain vendor is generating too many refunds it’s best to stay away from those vendors and find another product from the same niche to promote.
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