Thursday, 14 January 2016

"Some of The Many Health Benefits of Physical Exercise"

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or wanting to keep in shape, we tend to over look the many health benefits of exercise.  Have you ever went weeks, months or maybe years without having a daily route of exercise then went for a nice brisk walk and felt energized?  You may feel wore out while doing the walk but once you’ve relaxed for a few minutes you feel energy you haven’t felt in a long while, your mind is flowing ever so clearly and then that night you sleep like a baby. These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of exercise.

Feeling Energized

 It’s a misconception that after exercise you feel run down and wore out.  While you exercise you’re burning calories for energy, your body will continue to burn more calories when you’re finished with your weight loss exercise program.  If you keep up with a daily workout routine your body will continuously produce more energy.  While feeling this energy boost is great, it can also improve your mood. Exercise produces endorphines and endorphins make us feel happy and is a natural pain reliever.  If you’re a sufferer of stress, depression, anxiety or just having an over all bad day, exercising will not only improve your moods but keep a constant flow of positive energy.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation really goes hand and hand with feeling energized but more does come into play.  Like mentioned before, your mood will improve, your brain is going through a lot more than just positive feelings.  Whether you’re in school or just a hard working individual, your concentration will greatly improve.  You’ll feel more focused on simple or complex daily work while also not feeling “edgy” in your work chair.  Have you ever sat at your work desk and just felt the urge to either fall asleep or get up and do laps around the office?  This is your body telling you that you need mental stimulation by exercising on a regular basis.  Soon, you will no longer feel that tired feeling at work or that urge to want to stand up and walk around the office trying to find that last ounce of energy.  Lastly, daily exercise can lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia.

Better Sleep

Having a healthy sleep pattern is very important for our overall health.  Better sleep not only helps with the energy but also mental stimulation.  Though we may have a few troublesome nights sleeping but multiple nights of sleep loss can cause fatal effects.  Your body will start to become tense and achy.  Your mind will start to become scattered, unfocused as well as forgetful.  Lack of sleep can also cause us to want to eat more for a quick energy boost. Furthermore, once you start to exercise, at the end of the day and you sit down to relax, your body will be more relaxed because your muscles have been worked through out the day. The lack of tension will relax your body and mind to the point of actually feeling sleepy thus once your head hits the pillow you’ll sleep like a baby through the whole night.

All in all, there are many health benefits to exercising.  Many more reasons than just the three points listed.  In order for us to live happy, healthy, stress free lives we need to make sure to implement exercise in our daily routine.  If you’re not looking to lose weight, try to come up with an exercise routine that helps benefit your energy levels, mental stimulation and better sleep patterns. After about two weeks you’ll start to notice a huge difference in your work life and your day to day life.  Once you’ve completed a month of doing so, you will have formed a new ever lasting habit in your life.  Doing anything for thirty days will form a habit, whether good or bad. Don’t wait tomorrow or until “Monday”, start today. You’ll soon find the perfect routine that improves not only your life but your over all health.

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