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"The Beta Switch Lifestyle Review"

For all of you who have tried to lose weight know how difficult it is to do so and there are quite a few weight loss programs that promise to deliver results. A lot of these programs although are designed and structured for men or both men and women. The Beta Switch Lifestyle though is one of the very few programs that is exclusively designed and structured for women by a woman who is a well renowned weight loss expert, Sue Heintze.

Who is Sue Heintze?

Sue Heintze, creator of the Beta Switch program, is from Adelaide in Australia. Sue Heintze,herself, did battle with weight loss issues in her life and had the same problems just like you and after much research and practice, she has found a very unique method that help her and thousand others to lose their stubborn female fat and have and maintain the body that they desired. The best part is she achieved her most ideal body at the age of 40.
She is a true body-transformation specialist and has featured in many local and international TV shows and has been a regular writer for the Australian Oxygen Magazine. Her contribution includes sharing her knowledge in fitness magazine, Women’s health magazine and the most popular Australian magazine, Women weekly.

What is the Beta Switch Lifestyle about?

The Beta Switch Lifestyle is a 12 week exercise and nutrition program which teaches you how to maximise your results with burning fat in your body. The program shows how cardio workouts can be done so as to burn fats in the most troublesome spots that are bothersome amongst women.

The program shows women how the can augment the body’s natural abilities to burn fat. The program also works on the different mindsets to help you to tone and slim down your body. The beta switch program emphasises that the mind is a powerful force which can be directed towards weight gain or weight loss, so it does work on some mental hurdles to weight loss. The program also shows how women should not criticize themselves by comparing themselves to the unbelievable bodies of models that are highlighted by the media. The program shows you how to be appreciative of your own body as this are the first step towards achieving weight loss success.

This program is designed for women of all ages and all types of bodies. The program structure is also best suited for busy and professional mothers and females with bad fat burning genetics and damaged metabolism. This also a program for women who have tried the rigorous weight loss programs and got some short term results only to gain weight all over again because this program is more about a lifestyle change which will have long term results for your body.

The systems gives you access to a lot of other tips and knowledge about good ways to burn fat which includes healthy recipes, and the rare opportunity to meet Sue Heintze.

How does it work?

The key theme of this program is switching-off the fat storing alpha receptors of your body and switching on the beta receptors that burn fat of the body. According to a research done by Sue Heintz, both men and women have these alpha and beta receptors but women unfortunately have as much as 9 times more alpha receptors than beta receptors hence they have to battle with fat in trouble spots like belly,  hips, under the arms and thighs.
But Sue Heintze has designed the beta switch system Nutrition program that switches of these fat storing alpha receptors and activates these fat burning beta receptors inside the body. This Beta switch nutrition program is the key strategy which is complimented by the beta workout plan which follows these steps: eating as frequent as you can, varying your calorie intake and cleaning and boosting your system. For a presentation on this by Sue Heintze which goes into detail please watch the video below.

 The BetaSwitch

Strengths of the program

This program is exclusively designed and structured for all types of women from different ages, lifestyles and body types. This program is designed by an expert who has gone through the same issues as you would face in your weight loss journey. There is no extreme dieting or exercising and every step is explained with the reason why it should be done and how it helps you. This is a more holistic program because it deals with all the psychological part of weight loss, something which most trainers like to avoid. This lifestyle is for long term success by forming good positive habits. This program come with a 100% money back guarantee and is done through ClickBank so you will get your money back even if you email ClickBank.

Weakness of the program

Since there is no magic pill, this program is a weight loss journey so you won’t lose all your weight in 1 week as this program needs effort and patience, and secondly Sue uses a lot of scientific terms in her explanation so it will be a little overwhelming at first.

Does the product work and recommendations?

This is the most practical and honest program which not only works at the level of your body but also at the level of your mind. This program gives you the freedom to indulge in your guilty cravings and hence avoiding starvation and binging.
The program is something to look forward to because is includes exciting bonuses which you can take advantage of and this program does not trigger any sort of weight loss side effects. Finally I would like to end this Beta Switch Review by recommending to try out this product because it just costs just a fraction of what you will spend to hire a personal trainer for just one session and the information and support that you receive is priceless.

Finally if you would like to try out the program Click The Beta Switch System

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