Thursday, 14 January 2016

"The Get Lean Program Review"

The Get lean Program is a fitness body transformation again designed especially for women, but as the program say it can be used by men and women. The program also looks into specific problems that are encountered by you in your journey to lose weight and get a lean body. This program helps you to plan and strategies your workouts in order to gain lean muscles fast and well as it shows you the right nutrition required so as to build muscles.

About Belinda Benn

Belinda Benn, creator of the Get Lean Program is an Australian Health and Fitness coach who now resides in Panama, has authored various other health and fitness programs. She is quite a well know fitness author, speaker as well as a beautiful model. She has appeared and shared her knowledge in a lot of weight loss and fitness magazines like Oxygen, Shape and Musclemag. She has also modelled for various fitness magazines. The truly amazing part of her story is that she started getting into fitness and weight loss at the age of 37, and even though that she is now in her late forties, she looks younger than most women in their 30’s.

What is the Get Lean System About?

The Get Lean Program is a 12 week body transformation program to fitness and to lose weight. The program will have a detailed daily strategy for the right exercises and nutrition, in an easy to follow step by step plan, so that you can achieve the desired body you always dreamt of. Belinda opens the program by giving you an overall approach to the system and some background information about nutrition and exercise. She shows you the secrets to her success and information about different protein supplements. Belinda does have different program package that is suited for you, just in case you have a specific nutrition program that you prefer sticking to, and just want an exercise plan to compliment your nutrition program or if you just want a diet program to compliment a specific exercise program that you want to stick to. Most programs don’t offer this type of flexibility because their programs are designed to follow their own diet or exercise plan.

The nutrition part of the program offers guidelines to healthy nutrition, recipes and meal plans for 12 weeks. The exercise program shows you step by step guide o different type of exercise which include how to use your body weight with no equipment’s to work out and weight training with help of weight equipment’s, The program also include cardio workout plan, a detailed guideline on how to track your progress. The program is full of motivational assurances by Belinda and she going in depth and pay particular attention on how you should track your progress.

The structure of the program begins with Belinda explains to you how the program is going to be implemented; the framework consists of three phases, with each phase lasting for about a month. The first phase is called the Momentum phase where you will learn and practice how to build your metabolism to burn fat. The second phase, Acceleration, will guide you to reduce the percentage of your body fat and maintain the energy levels of your body and the third phase, Peak; will guide you to achieving your perfect body. Each phase consist of a dairy where you can also track your Progress.

The Strengths of the program

The program is an easy to follow step by step system which will help all types of learners to achieve their ideal body. The program has a lot of free bonuses that compliment you during your journey and is full of FAQ sections to answer every query you have. The support which is 24/7 is very friendly and always ready to help. There is a 100% money back guarantee if for whatever reason your not satisfied with the program.

Final recommendation of the product

The Get Lean program is a true body transformation program for women and is designed and structured by a woman who has gone through the same problems that you have faced. Belinda Benn is really interested that you are focus and achieve your fitness goals and hence provides very good 24/7 support and you will get all your questions answered by her. The training program is designed so that you can train yourself from home and thus can be used and practice by women in all walks of life.

Finally if you do decide to choose to try out the Get Lean Program Please click the link below.

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