Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“The Three Questions That Qualify A Successful Niche”

The next important thing in regards to niche, as an affiliate marketing beginner, is that they are discovered and developed. So niches aren’t chosen or targeted in the sense that most people mean them, but niches are discovered and then once they are discovered they are developed. You discover a niche by finding an unmet need; you develop a niche by going deeper and getting more focused and isolating that need. The way you discover a niche is by asking a series of questions. Some of the questions you need to ask to discover a niche are “Is my prospective customer motivated by pain and urgency or irrational passion”. In other words “Is my customer experiencing a strong emotion”, are they emotionally driven? This is important because you’re not just going to look for people who you have to talk into buying your product, you’re looking for people who are already motivated, and they are already experiencing pain and urgency or irrational passion. Why? …Because if they are not already motivated, if they are not already experiencing pain or urgency or irrational passion, then you’re going to need to motivate them. Trying to motivate people to buy is tough business.
The second question you should be asking about your niche is “Is my prospective customer pro-actively looking for solutions?” So not only they are motivated emotionally, that they have pain and urgency or irrational passion triggered inside of them but also “are they pro-actively looking for solutions?” Have they gotten off their butt and they are out seeking solutions. Why do we need them to proactively looking for solution right now? … because if they’re not, again we have to motivate them to buy what we are selling. Trying to talk people into wanting what your selling is an up-hill task.
This one of the reasons why search marketing and online search engine marketing is quite useful. You get into any of the free keyword research tools that are made available by Google and Bing and you could instantly research the most used or most search for keywords and phrases. By definition if a key word or phrase is highly searched for people are searching for a solution. People are going to this search engine and typing in words that they have a need. To be successful, look for customers who are looking for you. Don’t look for customers that you have to talk into selling, look for customers who are already looking for you.
Now these two questions, if you get a yes to both of them and you narrow and refine your niche to a need, this eliminates to about 95% of all possible niches. It focuses you on the ones that are a high probability of working.
The third question you should ask is “Does my prospective customer have few or no perceived options?” You see if your customer has lots of perceived options then you’re playing the competition game, the you’d be competing on price, or you’ll be trying to say “my product is better that their product” You don’t want to compete, you don’t want your option be one of 50 options that a customer is considering. You want your option to be the only option or one in only a couple so that you can clearly differentiate it and you can rationalize why your products cost a high price.

When you add the third question with the other two, you will be looking at a prospective customer who is motivated, which means they are emotionally triggered to move away from problem or toward an outcome that they want, they are proactively looking for a solution and they have few or no perceived option. Once you get a niche that can answer all these three questions, you can effectively make very good money and you can have a successful business.

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