Thursday, 14 January 2016

"Tips On How To Begin Exercising When You Haven’t In YEARS!"

Starting an exercise routine to lose weight for the first time in years may either be exciting to you or terrifying.  What ever the case may be, there are many factors that need to be considered before starting your new routine.  Not having a plan, goals or the right mind set in place can cause you to give up.  A few things to keep in mind before and while starting your new routine is to make it fun, reward yourself, make short term and long term goals, and form habits first before purchasing all new equipment for your home and plan your exercises to lose weight.  Keeping this all in mind will lead you to success.

Make Exercising Fun!

When it comes to day to day life we tend to make our boring jobs at home fun. Maybe while you cook, clean and do laundry you turn on your favorite radio station to make it more enjoyable and it makes time go by quicker. Same can go with exercising. Exercising is something we need to do but having the mind set that it’s something we want to do and keep doing while having fun will keep us wanting more. One way to do this is creating a playlist on your phone or ipod to keep you motivated.  Even if it’s a book on tape, go for it!  Another way may be to keep a journal. Write down what you did for the day, what you liked most and what you didn’t like the most. Your goal now will be to work on the activities you didn’t like the most in order for you to start having a fulfilling workout.  Lastly, ask a good friend of yours to be a work out buddy. Rather than catching up at a BBQ or at a local restaurant, catch up at the gym.  You’ll both start to find that time flies by when you’re having funny and exciting conversations.

Reward Yourself

 It’s important to keep in mind that when you reward yourself, don’t reward yourself with food.  Too many times over people lose 10lbs or more then turn around and say “well since I lost this much weight I’m going to eat a bunch of junk today and get back on track tomorrow”.  This will throw away all the work you’ve done. Rather, reward yourself with lasting things.  If you’re a reader, go out and get a new book which can be coupled with you taking it to the gym.  Get new clothes!  You’re going to keep on losing weight so don’t over indulge in purchasing new clothes but purchasing a new pair of pants that fits your new waistline size with a matching shirt or blouse is more ideal. Once you’ve completed your weight loss goals, completely, that’s when you can reward yourself with a new closet full of clothes.

Make Short and Long Term Goals

 When you start to draw up your plan for weight loss, don’t focus on the big number rather focus on smaller numbers. You’ll start to drive yourself crazy by stepping on the scale to see you didn’t lose 30lbs over night even though we all know it’s not an ideal number to lose over night.  Start off with 5lbs in a short amount of time, then go up to 10lbs (depending on, of course, how much weight you intend to lose completely).  Either way, having smaller goals to meet your large goal is your key to successful weight loss.

Form Habits Before Purchasing Equipment

Don’t get overly excited about starting a new exercising routine.  What I mean is, don’t go out and spend thousands of dollars to fill your house with gym equipment.  Start from the bottom then work your way up.  If you’re uncomfortable working out at the gym, that’s okay, there are ways for you to work out at home without having to spend thousands on gym equipment.  One way to start is by searching online for popular beginners workout videos with exercises to do at home to lose weight .  Find one you feel will not only help you but also you are comfortable using.  The workout video may have you use some dumbbells or kettlebells but that doesn't necessarily mean you NEED them to start.  You can purchase some cheap ones but you could always fill two empty milk jugs with water to help you.  Just make sure the tops of the milk jugs are tapped down to keep from making a mess.  Once you feel more comfortable or are ready to join a gym, do so for a few months before making a big purchase for at home gym equipment.  You want to form a healthy habit before making a big commitment like an expensive purchase.

All in all, there are many many helpful tips and tricks to getting started with an exercise plan when you haven’t worked out in years.  The tips mentioned though help to keep you on track and setting realistic goals while enjoying something you might have hated in the past.  This will help you form new habits while living a happier and healthy life.  Just keep your mind in the right place and soon after completing your short term goals then your longer term goal, you’ll end up creating a new long term plan. To keep staying healthy and exercising on a weekly basis.

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