Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Tips To Consider While Planning Your Blog”

When you have decided to create a blog to promote your website, you should first plan the design of your blog. Take some time to plan out why and what your blog is trying to communicate to the visitor. It’s important to focus a block of time on deciding just how the blog should look to a customer, Once you are clear on how the blog should look, then it will be very easy to replicate what you have done on to the other posts.
Some aspects of the blog that you would want to consider are:
SEO – You’re going to have to plan such that your blog will generate traffic and what’s better than SEO for some free traffic. Most search engines, especially Google, are very particular that your blog follows the structure that they specify. Luckily most WordPress themes are designed to meet these criteria’s. You will also going to have to spend some time on doing some keyword research so that the purpose of your blog targets the exact audience that you want.
Layout – Layout is one the most critical factors in your blog design, It’s important that you spend a lot of time in designing your blog’s layout. When designing the layout you should consider the perspective of the visitor, and how they are going to view the blog. You will want to plan out where you want your content to be, where you would like your headlines, how many sidebars you will want, what types of widgets you will want, the menu’s, etc.
Opt-in – You will want to target most visitors that come on your website, so in order to gather information such as name and email address you will need an opt-in box. So you will want to decide where you would like your opt-in box to be. Most good blog designs would have their opt-in box on the main page of their blog on the right hand side bar where in can be seen.
Research – Another good trick is to take a look at other blogs in the same niche that you are in and study their design and what they have incorporated in their blog. Keep a note of all the thing that you like and caught your eye, if you don’t understand some things and you would like to know how it’s done, just go the page source of the webpage to understand how they did it.
Colour – Lastly you will want to plan the colour scheme of your blog. Whatever you do make sure the colour scheme you use is not hard on the eye. The most important thing is that the viewer should be able to read and understand what you are trying to communicate to them. If you make it difficult for them to read or understand they will just leave your site. The simpler you keep your blog the better; the best bet for content is to go for white background and black text.

The more time you invest in planning the design of your blog the smoother and easier it will flow later on and the happier visitors you will get. Remember that your blog is your communication tool to your customers, so take time and plan.

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