Thursday, 14 January 2016

"What Are Your Weight Loss Fears?"

When I started my weight loss journey, I remember that instead of being excited by seeing the changes and the numbers on the scales going down, I had a lot of fears come up. The first one was “Is this healthy for me?” what would happen if I didn’t realise my weight loss goals? What would happen if I end up with a lot of loose skin? Will my partner be turned off by all the loose skin? And the best part was I was just doing a few things back then like running, pilates, squats and push ups.

It then dawned upon me that I was worrying about things that may not be an issue at all. Most of these fears are just mental blocks that have been put in place to avoid reaching my weight loss goals and I did overcome them during my journey. So what are your fears? How do you overcome them? The first thing I would advise you is to focus on your task at hands in the present moment and stop worrying about the hurdles that you may face when they arrive (If they arrive at all, in the first place). You will have enough of activities on your plate to focus on, in your weight loss journey anyways. The journey towards your weight loss success will make you mentally strong to overcome the challenges that you will face along the way, so it’s best to focus on the tasks at hand and the rest will take care of itself.
Losing weight will probably more than make up for all your fears because your life will be so much better, your self-confidence will be high and you will definitely be planning a better future with the new healthy lifestyle that you have created for yourself?

Some of us are embarrassed to go to the gym because its full of mirrors impossibly shaped personal trainer and models, most of whom we feel gave disapprovingly at our direction. At least that’s what some of us assume but in reality most gyms are full of people who are trying to lose weight just like you and most of them are as self-conscious as you. Embarrassment is another fear that you may have to overcome but you got to remember that you just got to go for it. Before you know it you will stop worrying and caring about it because you will have your plate full with activities from your work out plan. You might want to consider a personal trainer for a few sessions so that they will help you perform your lifts with confidence and grace and you would not look funny. You might also want to work out your fitness plan with them.

So in the really, stop worrying about things and start good exercises to lose weight and as you progress see if there is anything that needs to be worried about and take care of it by getting some professional help; chances are you might not have anything to be concerned about.

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