Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“What part of the day is the best time to exercise to lose weight?”

There has been a lot of debate amongst fitness experts as to when it would be the best time to exercise and do your weight loss plans. A lot of experts suggest the morning since it boosts your metabolism and keeps you energised throughout your day, some others argue the afternoon or later in the day is a better time because then your body temperature is at its highest.
According to a research done Steve Boucher, The director of the fat loss laboratory at the University of NSW, the best time to exercise to lose weight is in the mornings before you can even think about having your breakfast. The research goes on to add, in the morning the body will have run out of sugar and carbohydrates as fuel and will turn on to the fats to burn. This is one natural way the body turns on to its fat cells to release fats. For the people who feel they find it difficult to exercise on an empty stomach, a small snack around 15 minutes before exercising could solve the problem.
Another study done at the Appalachian State University proves that the morning workouts have other added advantages of giving you a better night sleep. The researchers studied and tracked the patterns of sleep of people between 40 and 60 who conducted their workouts for at least 30 mins a day for three times a week. It turned out that they slept long enough and deeper sleep cycles as compared with people who did exercised in the afternoon or evening. The better your sleep patterns are, the healthier your body is going to be, the research says, and it also decreases anxiety and stress, helps to maintain your weight and lowers the blood pressure. The more you sleep the longer the body gets to recover.
People who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to their fitness and weight loss plans without giving up. The other benefits of morning exercises are that it lightens up your mood by 30%, boost your energy levels and heightened alertness throughout the day.
Exercising later in the day is more favourable for people who what to gain muscle mass simple because your muscles are warmed up by the afternoon or evening and the hormones that are required for muscle resistance work at its best during this time. This is the reason you are likely to see most strength trainers and weight lifters prefer this times to train. This is also good for people who plan out and put aside time for their workout or who have a special exercise buddy who they would like to train with as this will commit you to regular exercise and also make it a lot more fun. Another benefit to exercising later in the day is that you will tend to be mindful of what you eat and it’s easier to regulate your lunch and diners especially if you normally tend to eat big meals. Afternoon and evening exercising can also prevent injuries because your muscle id warmed up.
The downside of evening exercise is that it increases your body temperature and hormone activities, which could affect your sleep, so it’s recommended that you plan to finish your exercises atleast 3 hours before you sleep. Another factor is that most gyms are quite full during the evenings so it does get a bit difficult to get equipment’s and cardio, which mean you may have to cut short your exercise routines.
So what time is best for you? You really don’t need to be an expert to decide what time is good, just decide to try out a few sessions at different times of the day for a few weeks. See which do you enjoy the most, which one make you feel good and will allow you to fit in with your daily commitments. The most important things as most experts agree on is that you actually do exercise regularly, which means anytime of the day that you can fit into your schedule is ultimately the best time for you.

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