Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“Your Money Mindset To Becoming Wealthy”

One of the biggest challenges to making money and being wealthy is your relationship to money. Your upbringing and your family’s attitude towards money could be one of the most important factors that affect your feelings towards money. You might have been raised in a family that has had negative feelings towards being rich or have always looked as rich people being dishonest and greedy people.
The question then is “Are you aware of these mindsets and thoughts and how they affect your journey towards achieving your financial goals and becoming wealthy?”
Most of us want to do some good and create something in this world and be rewarded for it, so we start working and building our career, we earn money but yet we never manage to meet our financial goals, let alone becoming financially free and living the lifestyle that we dream of. Most of us won’t even manage to save enough to retire comfortably and end up depending on someone else or the government to look after us.
Although this might sound crazy, all of us have some relationship with money, either negative o positive but once you realize your money mindset is what will determine whether you attract and enjoy financial freedom, you can make the changes you want to make.
You have to identify all the mental blocks you have with regards to money. You might be someone who hates to think about your own finances and just thinking that you have to sit down and analyse your financial position makes your body cringe. You could be someone who tends to spend away your money quickly, as soon as you get your monthly pay check, you can’t stop yourself from buying something that you don’t even need or buy something as a gift for a family or a loved one. You may find that you can’t keep money in your bank account for too long.
Most people who are financially free or who are wealthy are usually aware of how the spend their money and literally plan out how they are going to spend it. Most importantly they know how to put aside money that they can invest in something which will give them some kind of returns.
If your past experiences of money were negative, they will effect on how you view your own wealth grow. If you grew up in a family where there were always negative discussions of money or always had money fights at the dinner table, they would have left negative imprints in your brain about money. Every time that you have struggled with your money you would have fuelled you negative image about money.
Another problem might be that when you have done well with money or have had a career that has paid you what you have been worth, you have had guilty feelings and might have felt unworthy of receiving money or that you might worry of what other people think of you now that you’re rich. So you unconsciously try to get rid of that money by spending it on other people while you still struggle with your bills.

So to sum up, even If you are quite good at making money, it’s your negative mindset and bad behaviours that you have accumulated over the years is blocking you to be financially independent. But like any bad habits and negative mindsets, you can choose to remove these behaviours and install positive mindsets and habits that will allow you to accumulate wealth and be financially independent. Once you work on your mindsets you will be able to attract the money that you have always dreamed of. If you would like to install some money mindset and see how the rich think and behave that attracts money into their lives please click The MoneyMindset

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