Tuesday, 23 February 2016

"What Is Motivation And How To Get Yourself Motivated"

When you really reflect on what exactly is motivation, it come down to the creating a burning desire to get yourself to do something that you really want to achieve. It really is the difference to getting yourself to wake up everyday and create the habits that will lead you to a successful lifestyle and just lazing around all day and dreaming about the things you want to achieve. Motivation is the desire that will keep you going on even when you face tough times or failure.

 Most often we make goals and prepare a plan to execute to reach our goals but then we find that we procrastinate. This happens again and again, so what really is going on here ? The problem is that we are very good at thinking and conceptualizing what we want and are really bad at doing and following through and putting ourselves into action to get what we want to get. We forget (or some times don't even consider) one of the most essential step to get ourselves into action. We never take our emotions into account. Most research point out that feelings and emotions are what make people do what they want to do and not their thinking mind.

When we want to achieve our goals we just can't ignore our feeling. Our brains are structured in a way that if our thoughts and feeling compete with each other, feeling always wins. The more we try to fight our feelings for anything, it only makes them stronger and when our feeling wins, our thought will start rationalizing and making up a story.

There was once a research project undertaken where people were asked to see a very emotional and sad movie. One half of the subjects were asked to see the movie but to suppress and control their feeling and the other half of the subjects were asked to see the movie and feel whatever arises. After the movie they then asked all the subjects to do a very mind taxing test where they had to solve tricky puzzles and match colors. As it turns out the people who were asked to feel what ever arises did much better at those tests than the people who were asked to suppress and control their emotions. so it proves that we humans are emotional people and we need emotions and feeling to perform well.

So the steps in order to achieve our goals is that we need to use our thinking mind to plan and our feelings and emotions to act on what we have planned.

So once you have the thinking part out of the way the next thing you have to do is to get those emotions going so that you execute your plans.

Get yourself in a Positive state of mind

We procrastinate the most when we are in a bad mood. So we constantly need to get ourselves out of that state and start feeling optimistic. So the question you will ask is " How will I make my self feel optimistic when I'm not feeling it?" The best way is to monitor your progress and celebrate every minor achievement you have made. Research has been that there is nothing that gets us optimistic more than progress. Here's a quote from Teresa Amabile at Harvard

"This pattern is what we call the progress principle: of all the positive events that influence inner work life, the single most powerful is progress in meaningful work; of all the negative events, the single most powerful is the opposite of progress—setbacks in the work. We consider this to be a fundamental management principle: facilitating progress is the most effective way for managers to influence inner work life."

Reward yourself for achievements

Rewards make you feel good, so you can set a mini milestone and the reward yourself with something you like to celebrate and keep motivated. Another method that also works well is to penalty yourself if you have missed on doing something. Let's say you can give a friend $100 and tell them to keep you accountable. For example if you fail to do a task by 6pm they get to use the $100 but if you do complete it you can have it back.

Find a group who you would like to be and share the same goals.

One of the secrets to success as noted by author Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and grow Rich" is to surround yourself with people who have the same goals and who have already achieved success that you want. There is nothing greater motivation than the power of your mastermind group. As Charles Duhigg's says in his book " The power of habit" When people join groups where change seems to be possible, the potential for that change seems to be more real.

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